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yoga with trosh

When she is not project managing L&S, Laz is also a yoga teacher, who uses her powers for good. She often runs community yoga for physical and mental wellbeing. Check out her website for classes - and watch this space for a big project coming your way.


women rising podcast

Women Rising is a fortnightly podcast featuring interviews with a range of badass women changing the world. Check them out on iTunes or spotify.


the vegans are alright

The vegan/”plant-based” diet saves animals, the environment and your health (check the news, if you don’t believe us!). If you are a sceptic, flexitarian, full blown vegan or just curious, please ask us any questions about being vegan here (we respond to every email!).

P.S. Did you go to Vevolution 2018? If we didn’t get to meet you there, we’d love to hear from you and get your thoughts on the day!