who we are

Laura and Sarah started out as “best buds”, working for a women’s health and wellbeing charity in London. They quickly found that they enjoyed a lot of the same things (nature, yoga, pasta) and had a lot of common goals (saving the planet, mental health destigmatisation, getting more people talking about periods etc.). Basically, they both wanted to help people. So they did. They started off doing anything they could think of - from volunteering with charities doing great things, such as feedback, to saving a sick gull from the banks of the River Thames.

They then decided to go a step further, so set up “Laz and Saz” as a base. The aim was to spread awareness and run projects to combat issues that they thought were important (the environment, women’s rights, animals, world peace etc etc.). It was clear that all the changes that they were aiming for were pretty gigantic. But even little things could make a big difference, so got started straight away on running their own small scale projects (Share a Shoebox 2017 and 2018). They aimed to get people involved and take the first steps into changing people’s behaviours and reaching out to those in need.

Sadly, there are quite a few things in the world Laz and Saz would like change. Almost too many to name. And if you have found us, then you probably think there are a few things in the world worth changing too. Join in on one of our projects or message us to tell us what change you want to action in the world and how we can help.

Step by step, person by person, project by project, we can change things and make the world a little better.

faces to names

laz in japan

this is laz

Laz is currently working as a yoga instructor and Programme Coordinator for a women’s charity in London. After being vegetarian since birth, Laura became vegan in 2016 (NB. Saz joined her in 2017). Laz runs her own podcast called Women Rising, where she interviews badass women and shares their experiences, advice and dreams. She is a keen cook and loves to travel. (Yes, she is a yogi and yes, she has been to Bali. And it was epic.)

It is Laz’s passion for change and utter conviction in doing what she believes in that sparked Laz and Saz into life and she continues to think of new projects and new ways to help others.

saz at the tate

this is saz

Saz is currently the Deputy CEO of a health and wellbeing charity in London. She set up a Red Box in her place of work and has been interviewed by the BBC about her involvement in improving air quality, which she was pretty darn chuffed about. She likes to watch rugby and has a soft spot for second hand bookshops.

Although she doesn’t always admit it, Saz likes to get creative. She believes wholeheartedly in their projects and channels this drive into everything Laz and Saz do.